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Felicity Toad
Felicity Toad Intro W.I.P.


Hi all, here is an updated test for the intro video, this is a dream sequence that begins the story, both that and a premonition of what is to happen next. Soon the animations will be handled by someone else and I greatly look forward to working with them!

A lot of change here, there will still be a points collecting basis for those that like to go for the high-score, but there will also be a focus on collecting friends. It will all depend on how you fare in the conversation with them as to whether you will gain their favour.

Prayers will also be collected but will work independently, you could gain prayers even if the conversation goes wrong, according to how Felicity feels about the character and whether she is concerned for them in a particular way. Collect enough prayers and a book will be formed, allowing you to call on holy powers when you need to.

You will also collect and unlock the songs on your journey, allowing you to build an album of your favourites. Some songs will be part of distracting side-quests and some relevant to the main quest story, it will be up to you to find out!

All these elements will add together for your final score and therefore story out-come, as although the main story will be linear, the endings will vary.

Felicity Toad is a musical tale, there will be songs dotted throughout the game as you uncover the story. Felicity is an allegory for Eve's casting out in to the corrupted world, it is about how it affects her and how she influences others who are in the world. Lake Eden is destroyed by a storm as the tides are rising, forcing Felicity to venture away from the lake and into the forests where she has never been. Many characters and twists await her as she ventures deeper in to the unknown...

Music Music Music!


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I am happy to announce that I have a full band to collaborate with now, Hooray for Rock-Musicals! We are working restlessly on the songs that have been allocated to characters that are appearing in game. The next phase will be to begin recording them in a studio ready for release, Exciting!

The music for exploring  to is being done with my new MIDI equipment plus live instrumentation, and in contrast has a laid back chilled atmosphere, it's coming together :) I am working on that from home with some help from my friend Lou, always enthusiastic, bless her. Can't wait to get things finished, there is daily progress, but it can be slow sometimes. Still, on-wards and upwards!



I started using Unity in 2017 and have begun to build my first commercial project. Felicity Toad was born as a question, about what I would enjoy to build, and music is an intrinsic part of that, and hopefully much to the enjoyment of others too.

I was born with a pencil in my hand and have always drawn and written, then my love for music began too when I was around five, I remember hearing 'another brick in the wall' on the radio and being mesmerized, after all I wasn't allowed to listen to 'far-out' stuff at all, and the radio was promptly switched off. This brief moment has stuck with me all of my life. Now I am at the point where I want to combine all the things I love in to one, and Felicity Toad is the child of that love.


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